iPod eBook Creator - convert books into iPod notes

iPod eBook Creator has been merged into ebookhood.com - your neighborhood for ebooks. You can not only convert your text file to iPod Notes, but further on download lot of existing ebooks from our ebook library. Moreover, conversion of webpages and copy & pasted texts is available. Conversion of RSS feeds to iPod Notes is available for registered users.

Instructions on how to use converted iPod Notes on your iPod follow.

HELP: How to use converted iPod Notes

  1. Download the iPod Notes file
  2. Unzip/extract the downloaded file into Notes/ directory on your Apple iPod device
  3. Turn Apple iPod on, go to Extras->Notes menu, open the first iPod notes file
  4. Read the guide on transferring files to your iPod

Former iPod eBook Creator information:

This utility/PHP script loads large text file and splits it into iPod notes. It is easy to read your book in plain text format on your iPod via Notes functionality. All iPod notes will be automatically linked, so you can move from one to another with absolute ease. It's as simple as turning pages of the book.

Please be very patient, especially while submitting large files or you have slower line. The upload of the text file could take a minute. Plain text files (TXT) and rich text format text files (RTF) are supported. Most of the encodings are supported, but international character set UTF-8 is preferred.

iPod eBook Creator uses wonderful PclZip PHP library for ZIP compression. This services offers text file conversion to iPod notes, converting text files into Notes, iPod note files for download, plain text file conversion into iPod Notes, reading books on iPod, reading text files on iPod, coverting documents to iPod, converting text to iPod Notes, iPod ebook conversion and lots of iPod ebooks from e-book library, podcasting, notecasting, textcasting, regular book reading on iPod.

Ipod eBook Creator allows you to split long text to notes and serves as a iPod notes splitter. Long text is split into 4kb long notes, which is also the size limit of iPod Notes.

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