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 Have you already gone through our website and downloaded some ebooks? If not, now is your chance to do so. Please download as many ebooks as you want. Everything is available for FREE. Of course, we also encourage you to share with our network your very own ebook collection. Feel free to upload as many as you want. Our network of readers will definitely be thanking you for it.  


Ebookhood started as a platform for sharing ebooks among a group of friends in Glendale. They were simply sharing and swapping ebooks with each other. However, their group grew and grew because when their other friends learned about what they were doing, they wanted to be a part of the sharing network as well. In time, the Ebookhood turned into a digital neighbourhood where people were simply engaging with each other and just sharing their ebooks. Now, this website hosts hundreds of thousands of ebooks. We hope to continue this for many more years and keep it FREE. Our only request is for you to support us by following the DMCA policies and donate by becoming our Patron. You can simply click the Contact tab in order to donate. Note that we will appreciate any donation that you may give so that we can continue this website operating for FREE.  


The process of downloading ebooks in this website is quite easy. Simply search for the book that you want using several filters such as the exact book title, name of author, book genre, themes and more. You can also use the advanced search option for more filters. Once you find the book that you want, just click on the thumbnail and follow the download instructions. You don’t have to create an account to access our books because we always do our best to make things easy for you.