About ebookhood.com

ebookhood.com is your ebook neighborhood. It allows you to convert text and webpages to formats readable on the iPod and other reader devices, share the ebooks and reviews with other readers in the neighborhood.

The website started as free service for converting text into notes for iPod back in 2004. Users were able to upload longer texts and have them converted to iPod Notes for easy reading on their iPods. Nowadays, there are more e-book reader devices on the market such as the Sony Reader, Booken Cybook Ebook reader or Amazon Kindle. Ebooks can be also read on PDAs, mobile phones and other mobile devices.

We offer conversion of text files, documents and webpages in iPod Notes format suitable for reading on iPod and plain text format suitable for reading on other devices (such as mobile phones). We are working on adding support for PDF format suitable for reading books on the Sony ebook reader or Bookeen Cybook ebook reader.

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Copyright Policy

We respect copyright laws. In case of any suspicion of copyright abuse, please read how to ask for shared ebook/document removal.

Instructions for iPod

See detailed instructions on how to use converted iPod Notes.

We want your feedback

If you have any ideas or comments, please send your comments through the contact form.